Throat Chakra – A Magnificent Symphony

by Tracey on April 11, 2014

In continuing our overview of each of the chakras, this week we look at the Throat Chakra which is amazingly complex yet beautifully orchestrated as is our entire human body!

So let’s talk about how important the Throat Chakra is, shall we? For starters, our tonsils are part of our immune system and protect us from infection. Our throat provides the means for blood and nutrients to move between the lower body and the brain. The tongue allows us to eat and our vocal chords allow us to talk. Of course there are many more including the thyroid, parathyroid glands, mouth, cervical vertebrae, occiput, brainstem and ears!

And this is only one reason I call this chakra a “symphony”!

The other reason is that in addition to being connected to all the above organs, the throat chakra is the only chakra that has a separate chakra related to every other chakra! Crazy pants, huh? When I test the energy in a person’s chakras, I not only test the balance of energy in the individual chakras and the connection between all the chakras with each other. I also test each chakra with it’s associated chamber within the throat chakra. This is because the Throat Chakra allows us to express ourselves. It also helps us to express each of our chakras.

The Throat Chakra also metabolizes and moves energy between all the chakras.

Signs of an imbalances in the Throat Chakra:
Talk too much
Don’t speak up enough

Balancing the Womb Chakra:
Singing, in the shower and car are my concert performances of choice
Read out loud
Have difficult conversations with people out loud, even if they are not in the room to hear. Just practicing saying what you feel you need to will begin to shift your Throat Chakra into balance.

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Book: “Energy Medicine” by Donna Eden

Reiki I & II Attunements


The Heart Is The New Brain

by Tracey on March 17, 2014

heart IY pink

The best way to explain how your heart is another brain is by taking a quote directly from Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine:

“The heart itself is an underrated organ in modern cultures…Researchers at the University of Melbourne have shown that the heart has a nervous system and that it makes decisions independent of the brain, such as how fast to beat. Morever, the electrical wave produced by the beating heart has about fifty times the amplitude and about a thousand times the strength of a brain wave. As a result of this vastly greater magnitude, the heart tends to pull the brain and other organs into synchronization or “entrainment” with its rhythm in a similar manner to the way, in a room full of pendulum clocks, all the clocks will synchronize their ticking with the clock that has the largest pendulum. We may be run by our hearts far more than we realize.”

Our heart is always looking for love and is the only organ with a “bodyguard”, known as the pericardium.  Energy cannot be drawn from the heart like other organs when there is a problem, because the risk is just too high. It is life or death.

The pericardium is the organ that surrounds the heart and the lungs also reside within the Heart Chakra.

As explained in the first chakra blog, there are seven chakras and the Heart sits exactly in the center as number 4. It strives to keep balance between the upper and lower chakras.

People who have a balanced Heart Chakra are able to combine a healthy balance of love and logic. When you are out of balance one way or the other you may find yourself either feeling for others too much and take on the same symptoms as if their experiences are happening directly or they lock love out and leave their own heart “high and dry” so that it forgets how to love at all.

Clearing the Heart Chakra and keeping a healthy pericardium and strong aura will help to maintain a positive balance of unlimited love and protection.

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